Right Let’s talk about a common struggle we all face: the dreaded moment when your camera battery decides to call it quits right in the middle of a shoot and it's THAT SHOT .... the perfect shot and suddenly... darkness. I've been there and i did shead a tear or two. 

But I come bearing good news, Recently i purchased the SmallRig 99Wh(6700mAh) V Mount Battery VB99. This isn’t just your average battery—it’s a lifesaver wrapped in a sleek, compact package.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: professionalism. We all know that in the world of photography and filmmaking, appearances matter. Whether you’re shooting a commercial gig or your latest passion project, looking the part is half the battle. And that’s where the SmallRig VB99 steps in to save the day. With its stylish design and compact form factor, this battery not only keeps your camera ticking but also elevates your gear setup to a whole new level of sophistication. Trust me when I say, slapping this powerhouse onto your camera will make you feel like a bona fide pro.

But what about battery life, you ask? Ah, my friend, fear not, for the VB99 is here to put your worries to rest. With a rediculous 99Wh capacity (that’s 6700mAh for the tech nerds among us), this battery is a true workhorse. It’s got the stamina to keep your camera rolling all day long, and then some. Say goodbye to those heart-stopping moments of running out of juice mid-shot. With the VB99 by your side, you can focus on capturing those stunning visuals without constantly glancing at your battery indicator like a nervous parent checking on their sleeping baby.

THERE IS MORE! SmallRig knows that versatility is key when it comes to power solutions. That’s why the VB99 comes packed with a smorgasbord of ports to cater to all your charging needs. Whether you’re juicing up your camera, giving your smartphone a boost, or running external accessories like a boss, the VB99 has got you covered. With USB-A, USB-C PD (that supports up to 65W fast charging—fancy, huh?), D-Tap, 8V DC, and 12V DC ports, you can connect virtually any device or accessory with ease. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of batteries!

The SmallRig 99Wh V Mount Battery VB99 isn’t just a battery—it’s a game-changer for photographers and filmmakers everywhere. It’ll make you look like a pro, banish your battery anxiety, and offer you unparalleled versatility. So why settle for anything less when you can power up your creativity with the SmallRig VB99? Invest in your gear, invest in your craft, and let nothing hold you back from capturing your vision. Happy shooting, my friends!

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